Thursday, April 02, 2009

birds on a wire....

I love this jewellery by Figs and Ginger, a husband a wife silver smithing team (I also love husband and wife teams), so whimsical and cute, without being saccharine in the least.
Their sterling silver jewellery is made with 50% recycled silver and they refuse to work with diamonds that aren't family heirlooms. Which I like.

It also makes me smile that they describe their bird jewellery as a 'treat for your tweatheart.' It doesn't just make me smile, if I'm honest, it makes me giggle like the silly girly that I am.

These 'nesting' birdy necklaces are so cute, I can almost hear them chirping. Figs and Ginger will add a new birdy to your branch when your family grows. Can I get an 'awwww' ?

Bunnies.... need I say more? Except maybe, yes please.

All images courtesy of Figs and Ginger


  1. Oh, I love the little bunny earrings! So simple and cute!

  2. What could be better than birds and bunnies!

  3. gah! the cuteness.

    they should make one of my cat.

  4. Oh, Figs and Ginger how I love thee!

  5. And another thing for the birthday list... Oh so unfair his comes first.

  6. Great find! Love the birds on the wire.

  7. Oh my goodness!! This is the best find EVER! Thank you so much for posting it!!!! I have found my wedding day necklace (circle love birds).

  8. Oh I MUST MUST MUST have the bunny set! *swoon*


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