Tuesday, March 17, 2009

gifts from fairies.....

Sometimes, when a day has been really rotten, the kind of rotten that makes you want to cry and stamp your feet and perhaps just give up a little, something magical happens, something that makes giving up seem all of a sudden a most unappealing option. For who can give up while they still believe in fairies? And who but a fairy, someone with the most magical of touches, would know that it was today of all days, this week of all the weeks, that you needed a little something to lift your spirits, warm your heart and make you believe again?

Last week, after a day (or was it several?) of things that made me want to scream (some of which might actually have made me scream) a box arrived. And in it was a bunny. And my heart nearly exploded with warmth and amazement and surprise and joy. Because it wasn't my birthday, I hadn't done anything particularly kind or clever or deserving of a bunny, it was a bunny just because. And how often does someone send you a bunny just because? Hardly ever, that's how often. And how often does someone send you a bunny just because on a day that you really really need a bunny just because? A day that the knowledge that people send bunnies just because will pick you up and dust you off and make you smile and forget all about foot stomping and screaming and giving up? Almost never.

Photos by me, bunny by Little Love Blue, magic by Meg.