Tuesday, March 10, 2009

a home I like....

As always I'm a little behind in discovering The Selby. The Cool People have known about it forever I'm sure. Once there was a time when even if I wasn't A Cool Person I at least tried to be, fantasised about being and occasionally deluded myself that I might be, if you squinted a little.

I'm not cool. I'm not on top of the trends before they happen, in fact I'm not even aware of the trends until they're taking their last painful gasp of breath and The Cool People are declaring them over. I've stopped caring though. Much like in school when we had to race around the football pitch in gym class, I have grown to take pleasure in coming last.

While everyone else is trying to catch their breath for the next go, I'm still at the furthest goalpost, wondering if that seagull over there is eating a cold chip or a bit of sandwich. Sure I tried running when everyone else started but I soon got bored (ahem, a little hyperventilatey) and realised that torturing myself with something I hated (I do not like competitive exercise, not one little bit) was a waste of time when there were seagulls to watch and sea air to breath and like minded friends to take a leisurely stroll with. I still felt a sense of satisfaction when I got the the finishing line, but I could breath and I wasn't sweaty and those annoying types who wait and expect you to arrive and judge you by how long it took you had gotten bored and wondered off.

Which is what keeping up with trends and blogs and bands and fashion and those obscure films that everyone has been talking about for months and which you finally saw last week but thought was a bit shit reminds me of. And when I come across those things and think 'wow! Isn't that brilliant!', then I realise that everyone else has seen it and heard about it and blogged the pictures I feel a little like that 13 year old who finally wondered across the finish line, felt proud, looked around a bit and realised that everyone else was already back in the changing rooms getting dressed.

Which is how I felt when I found The Selby. A website where beautifully taken photos of impossibly cool people's impossibly fabulous homes in impossibly cool cities like London, Paris, LA and New York are displayed for us slovenly types who always come last in the race to feel depressed over.

I love Abigail and Philip's house in London. My taste in interior design changes monthly, some months I'm a minimalist, some months I love knick knacks, some months I want a country cottage and others an empty loft with lots of windows.

This house is closest to my natural style though; white walls and floors, perfect to show off pretty and colourful and interesting things in a slightly messy, slightly thrown together, very relaxed, very 'it doesn't matter if the banjo's leaning against the fireplace or the bed and no, the glittery Colosseum doens't have a permanent home, just put it wherever.'

(And I won't insult your intelligence by pretending that the bunny didn't win me over. Just a little. It's impossible to be too cool when you've got a bunny.)

All images by and courtesy of The Selby.