Thursday, March 26, 2009

A little summer sun dress...

(thank you for all of your kind and comforting comments yesterday. You're lovlies. xx)

Through Lobster and Swan I have just discovered Joules Clothing. And their dresses, which are a riot of summer happiness and English granny chic.

Two months ago I would have been sneaking that first spotty sun dress into my shopping basket immediately because who will miss thirty five pounds? But the new me is trying to be good and has vowed to try really hard to buy organic/fairtrade/friendly to the world clothes from now on. And the new me is broke. So the new me will content herself with gazing longingly at the pictures and imagining that she lives somewhere warm enough to wear a sun dress.

(some of these dresses might be for little people. I also like imagining that the very biggest little person size might just fit me, if I squeeze tight.)

All images courtesy of Joules Clothing.