Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Sometimes, it isn't colour that is needed.

Not vibrant splashes of life joy but quiet, calm beauty. A reassurance that everything will be alright. That there is order in the world.

Toast knows that.

They are very very clever.

All images courtesy of Toast


  1. I love their catalogue but have never bought anything.

    I like the bottom photograph best. Those cups remind me of summers spent sailing.

  2. I see people posting about Toast all over the blogosphere and the images I've seen really make me wish I could get my hands on a catalog or 8...alas, I'm on the wrong side of the pond. So I'll just enjoy them vicariously! Thanks for posting!

  3. i would like to live in the world they create.

  4. ahhh...another lover of toast. my day becomes magical when that catalog arrives!

  5. I've sometimes wished that I could live in those pictures.


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