Thursday, April 09, 2009

Dancers and heffalumps...

Do these pictures make anyone else feel like a big old clumsy old heffalump?

How do they do that?? I know that they're dancers, but still.

The other day we were in the park and I overheard the following conversation happening between a man and his two small children who were sitting on a bench outside the museum;

Small boy (aged about 3 waving his arm around as if a trunk): Phroarhhhh, I'm a heffalump! I'm a heffalump! You're a heffalump

Grumpy Father: We're not heffalumps.

Small girl (aged about 5 and terribly terribly serious); But daddy, mummy really is a heavy lump because she's sooooo big.

I laughed. And then pretended I was coughing as Grumpy Father glared at me. People without a sense of humour should not be allowed to have children.

Photos of Naomi from Rockstar Diaries and her equally elegant dancer friend taken by Candice Stringham.