Thursday, April 30, 2009

lazy girls and weddings

"Man has finally made the request, and you view a permanent smug grin You think that such a measure of love and fresh water, there is no reason for anxiety for the number of d sofa a buffet which you do not even earn? Very nice, except it was dark knee, the buffet was trying somehow to play with three princely feast peanuts and the atmosphere is never rise after the speech of his gravelly ex ".

To not get there, this guide tells you everything to be full and radiant the day, and say "ouuuuiii" by paying as tears of joy, not those of a nervous breakdown hysterical organize your event dreams within your budget and profile of adverse family - oops sorry, the beautiful family calmly address each stage of preparation with lots of tips from the paperwork until makeup and be a reference to your guests on "zénitude" and successful marriage.

So the fairies at work, a magical day, it is preparing to stick."

Following a suggestion mentioned in a comment by Ann C of Jolis Mariages referring to a French book about weddings on a post by Meg of A Practical Wedding (isn't the blog chain fun?) about how crap wedding books are (oh yes they are. Seriously. Crap. Which isn't to say that I didn't spend hours, weeks, months sitting in the book shop reading said books and snorting derisively, but actually pay for one? God no) I came to this book on Amazon.

Now, my understanding of the French is limited and so it appears, is my understanding of google translations. In fact this translation makes as much sense to me as most wedding books written in English but it's a damn site funnier. All guesses as to what the writer is getting at in the comments box please.

. photo by Elena Baca and found via East Side Bride
. description of Lazy Girl's Wedding by google and from Amazon.


  1. I think zenitude means a zen-like-atitude, as for the rest, ?! Weirdly I do get where she's coming from. I love the reference to three princely peanuts...

    Great photo!

  2. And here I thought it was modern poetry and was skimming by it guiltily.

  3. Haha, computer-generated translations are always so funny!

  4. I just read the french version and the 'black knees' refers to eye-bags down to your knees i.e really tired! I thought I as the one who was tired when i read that this morning and was trying to make sense of it!!

  5. I completely agree that it makes as much sense as most wedding advice originally composed in English. I wish I'd thought of this.

  6. I do like a good measure of love and fresh water....!
    Wedding books, I have all this to come at some point...

  7. Hey! I just sent you a proper translation via e-mail... (It's what I do for a living)

  8. Oh that made me laugh. Maybe I should do more google translator reading in my spare time.

  9. Phew! I thought I'd lost the ability to read for a minute there. Very funny!

  10. so funny....think i'd rather stay in ignorance of the true translation, think we might all be slightly disappointed

  11. Wow ! That's an idea from me !

    Of course you should say popped the question instead of made the request, sport instead of view, and the next sentence means that you think you shouldn't worry about the number of hors d'oeuvre that you won't even taste... And so on...

    And "ouiiiiii" translates of course as "yeeees" ;-) ! (and the "belle famille" is the in laws).

    And that last sentence would have much more meaning if you said "Off to work fairies, a magical day needs a wand to be prepared !"


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