Monday, May 18, 2009

baking bread...

The bulk of my diet at the moment is made up of this Irish bread that the brother in law's girlfriend gave me the recipe for. I love it. It's a meal in one slice of toast.

It's made with seeds (hemp, pumpkin, poppy, sesame, flax and sunflower), wheat bran, wheat germ, wholewheat flour, plain flour (it doesn't work if you accidentally replace the plain flour with icing sugar. Just sayin), molasses, salt, baking powder and water. Good wholesome Oirish bread with no funny business. And no yeast, which I like as it's something I'm not entirely convinced by (of course I like ketchup and pizza too much to actually give it up, but this eliminating it without really trying thing makes me smile) and I'm too lazy for all that kneeding crap.

It is as heavy as a brick (1.7kg to be precise. Has anyone seen About a Boy? That bit with the bread and the duck springs to mind) and it needs cooked for about three days. And it does funny things to your tummy. And it's as addictive as crack cocaine (which might explain the effect it has on my belly), but I love it. Measuring and pouring and stirring and baking. So good for the soul.

. photos by me