Monday, May 25, 2009

blogging lite...

I'm sad this week and I can't summon the energy to think, write or photograph. So I'm going to take this opportunity to share some of the pictures and videos I've been hoarding recently. Little things that inspire me and that will hopefully cheer me up a little.

I hope that they inspire you too. And if you think of anything that might cheer you up when you're down, that makes you smile when you're sad or feel a little inspired when you're feeling blah and the grey clouds are hanging over you please do leave a link below. Thank you my lovelies...

. mobile and image by le petite papillion


  1. These are Kate's from Every Day In May. They make me smile. I hope they help lighten your heart a little bit.

  2. please don't be sad. my sister sent me this yesterday...

    and i laughed so hard i almost tinkled my pants.
    feel better.

  3. I kind of love that little mobile. Just remember love, rainclouds bring flowers.

  4. Hope your sadness is bearable at least.Thinking of you and sending hugest hugsxxxx

  5. There is a photostream that always makes me happy:

  6. Oh, I love this mobile. It's the type of simple little thing I wish I could make with my own hands. So sweet. When I am sad I like to eat. I know that comfort eating is not supposed to be the answer. But grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup helps sometimes. And cupcakes for breakfast. That's good too. Hope your days get better soon.


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