Friday, May 22, 2009

Cravings and Resistance

When I'm craving naughty food I read recipes. I pore over the pictures, the ingredients becoming the most delicious poetry to me. I read them out loud, with a reverence usually reserved for Wordsworth (or Roald Dahl in my case, A Hand in the Bird being the only poem I know by heart).

This habit bemuses the boy (unless he's hungry, in which case it just annoys him) because he's never met anyone whose cravings are appeased by looking at pictures of crème brûlée and reading litanies to chocolate cake. But it works. When we're in the supermarket and I'm desperate for something naughty, something delicious, something that will leave me feeling utterly bloody awful if I eat it, just standing infront of the chiller cabinet and looking at the triple chocolate explosion with whipped cream makes me feel a little less desperate and then I'm ready to move on to the wholefoods aisle to add a little wheatbran and dried kidney beans to the basket (yum).

I was curious as to whether or not this approach would work with clothes. If in the midst of my vow not to buy stuff I can't live without looking at the things I want, looking but not buying (not even just a little, to try on and then send back) would help.

It doesn't.

These are some of the things I've been lusting after this week. None of them are strictly unaffordable but none of them are things that I need and none of them are things that will help with the Great Escape plan. And strangely enough looking at the pictures just makes me want them more...

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