Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Figs and hearts

I'm not sure I like figs. I'm not sure why I'm not sure I like figs. I'm not sure I've ever had a fig.

I'm sure I like this picture though.

. heart shaped beech chopping board and image by Decorative Country Living


  1. oh my heart! never had a fig?! darlin' you gotta get yourself a right-off-the-tree-in-your-backyard fig! With honey and almonds. Yes. And goat cheese. Your life will be infinitely better.

  2. you HAVE to LOVE figs!! our apartment has a courtyard and that courtyard has a fig tree. every summer we indulge in fig everything... fig toasts with cripsy proscuitto and manchego, figs in a salad, figs on the grill, you name it.
    that is, if our selfish neighbors don't sneak by us in the middle of the night and hoard all the figs to themselves! but, that's an other story...

  3. Figs are deeply frightening to me. They look too much like innards and therefore remind me of mortality. But that ought to pale in the face of prosciutto. Or goat cheese.

  4. that cutting board surely makes up for it, though!

  5. i was always convinced i didn't like figs. not sure why, my grandparents always had a tree and i always had the knowledge i didn't like them. my sister would pick them, everyone apart from me would eat them and i would be safe in my knowledge that i wasnt a fig person. except, a month or so ago when visiting my grandmothers house, she offered me a fig. i ate it. it was absolutely delightful. who knew?

  6. I'm not sure I've ever had a fig either, but I have had a fig roll. That's probably why I'm not sure I like figs either.


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