Friday, May 01, 2009


He's not bald, he doesn't have an 8 inch bat tattooed across his scalp and he hasn't owned a motorised bicycle for at least decade (which might be a good reason to get rid of the bloody great helmet sitting in the cupboard. Just sayin.) but he does love animals so what do I need with a big baldy biker?

And he rescues helpless fluffies too. A while before I met The Boy he was out on the town of an evening. He spotted some neds (further information for international readers) on a street corner throwing chips at something something small and furry. That small furry thing was reappropriated from the wee bastards, popped in his shirt pocket and accompanied The Boy to the pub that evening. She later became known as Mercy and was The Boy's first hamster. By the time I moved in with him he had acquired 14 of them. He gets a little carried away sometimes. And that dear readers, is one of the reasons that I love him.

. photo by me