Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I miss Paris...

The Boy and I went for my 21st birthday, it was my second time in Paris, I had been when I was 15 and fallen in love, it felt like home. Everywhere I look people are going on holiday (or emmigrating) and I'm jealous. We will be spending a pitiful two hours in Paris in August. Two hours. I'm not sure that the boy will even let me leave Gare du Nord because that that would interfere with us being ready to get on the train at least three days before it arrives (you know, just in case we miss it). Sigh. I think two hours sitting in the train station in Paris is worse than not visiting Paris at all.

(just in case I can convince the boy that it's ok to leave the station, I don't suppose anyone knows of anywhere fabulously Parisienne within spitting distance of Gare du Nord? Somewhere with cake and pastries and hot chocolate? Somewhere close enough not to make my husband apopleptic as the station fades from view? Thanks.)

. sign by and image courtesy of Pimpernel and Partners