Wednesday, May 13, 2009

On wheels....

Someone sent me an email, it had a link to a bunny on wheels. I liked the bunny one wheels and went looking for more. I found Cassia Beck, she on whose window sill the bunny on wheels lived. Instantly I liked her, I mean - she has a bunny on wheels, which is in itself really quite wonderful. However, she also has a bunny, a real life bunny, that matches my bunny. In fact for a moment (a very silly moment) when I first saw this picture, I thought it was my bunny. It didn't matter that I didn't remember taking the picture or that I don't own such a chair or that this little bunny doesn't look nearly as stinky as my bunny, so alike are they that my little brain short-circuited. And of course when I realised that it wasn't my bunny but was in fact a bun-alike my little brain imploded.

I really really want this picture. But I'm on a 'stuff' hiatus. Yes me, Ms Peonies, lover of the stuff that is not essential is currently not only not buying stuff that is not essential but is actively trying to get rid of stuff that is not essential. I'm crap at the getting rid of bit but the not buying bit is going ok. I haven't bought anything that falls into the 'I really don't need this' category since we were at a fundraiser for the local vet school four weeks ago and I couldn't resist two beautiful cups and a bowl that had been hand made in Jeruselam. But that doesn't count because it was before the stuff hiatus was vowed. Things like this bunny really make me hate being on a mission.

. picture by Cassia Beck and available in her shop, via Under a Pink Moon.


  1. bun-alike, bun-alike

    (Also, maybe I could have some of your unneeded stuff, and then I can send you some of mine. *Switching* unneeded pretties is not the same as buying new ones.)

  2. I'm feeling like it's time to get rid of some non-essentials, myself. As much as I love "stuff," I sometimes feel weighted down by it! And yet, there are so many things that I just plain want to add to the stuff already sitting around and needing to be dusted, ha!

  3. I completely understand your need to de-clutter and yet the need to buy other pretty but non-essential things too.

    Amanda has a great idea. How about a little pretty but unneeded things swap session?

  4. oh, just buy it! ;)
    ps: it's a good thing you live in scotland and i live in los angeles... or else your bunny might go mysteriously missing.


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