Monday, May 04, 2009

Pretty ephemera..

I love dresses. Dresses belong on the same list as cupcakes and flowery china and bunny paraphernalia, the list of things that I love as much as you can love things that aren't really supposed to be loved because people are for loving and things are for having but that inspire a feeling close to love in those that have a weakness for dresses and cupcakes and flowery china and bunnies. That list. Or as Sunday Brunch says...

"No matter how elegant, how timeless, a dress still billows in breezes and swishes in doorways, is always a little different with each wearing and on each person. We don’t dress up to be like someone else, we dress up to be ourselves. A dress makes us more aware of being alive (and not by pinching at the waist!). A dress is about savouring life, *our* lives. When we read a good story, we close our eyes and see the characters. The right dress can make us feel that way. We all deserve to be that sure of, and that happy with, who we are, wherever we are."

Sunday Brunch sells lovely dresses. Lovely, unusual, beautifully designed dresses. I want this one. And this one. And maybe this one.

. image by Naomi Kobyashi and via Sunday Brunch