Wednesday, June 03, 2009


I didn't really mean to fall asleep. I just meant to close my eyes for a minute, to have a wee rest over the weekend. But before I knew it it was Wednesday and although I was pretty sure I'd been awake the whole time five days were gone with little to show for them but a glorious sense of sleepiness. And so I wriggled a little, fluffed up my pillow and fell asleep again. Night night.

. image by delideladelo


  1. We miss you when you are napping. Pleasant dreams!

  2. This sounds blissful! Might have to follow your lead!

  3. Sounds good to me. Please come back soon.

  4. aww. he is too cute! i want a dog so badly right now.

  5. awww, so precious! I love it when my two babies fall asleep on my pillow =)

  6. ZzzzzZzzzzZZzzzzamwith youzzzzZzznothinglikeaweeklongdoze
    Just got 8 peonies for £2 in a tuck away off my village high street.(Crikey not so Royston Vasey After all ey?)Thought of you when saw them and I just had to put my two quid in the 'Trust You 'WILL' pay tin'Thinking of you dozyhead esp everytime I look at them.Kittyxxx


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