Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Love letters...

"Letters are our culture. We carvers take out pieces of rock and it's the air we leave behind that is the expression of our culture. What you take away becomes the letter. By rearranging what nature gives us, we put out thought into it and make it a word and this world you make could last thousands of years, This cut word will carry our cultural choices into the future."

I read an article in World of Interiors, it reminded me of all I love about words and typography, all that is important about the choices we make to use the words that we do. It was about The Cardozo Kindersley Workshop, a stone carvers workshop in Cambridge, England and I've been carrying around the words that Lida Lope Cardozo Kindersley chose to describe the importance of the carved word in the part of my brain that holds ideas and inspirations for the last week.

. quoted words by Lida Lope Cardozo Kindersley
. images by me.
. orignial photographs by Antony Crolla and publised in World of Interiors magazine, April 2009


  1. Hasten slowly... yes, indeed.

  2. shots with typeface in them always intrigue me. beautiful shots.

  3. Words always seem more beautiful to me. I am always drawn to anything with letters. My home is filled with words.

    P.S I just bestowed upon you a Lovely Blog Award - I love hearing about your adventures.


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