Monday, July 20, 2009

The lurge

I'm sick. After extensive research I've narrowed it down to either flu, swine or otherwise, or lyme disease*. Of course there's absolutely no reason that I can't have both. I probably have both. And maybe ebola too.

Sleep ought to help. On a squashy sofa

with a glass of lemony, vitamin C filled water

some potions in jars

a warm blanket

and fantasies of living in a house with hot running water.

* when we were camping earlier this month I got bitten by a tick. The little bugger nestled himself in no more than two inches from my lady bits. It was quite the traumatic experince. Not least for the boy who was happily eating breakfast when a Carrie-esque scream issued from the bathroom. I've been having panic attacks about intravenous antibiotics and spinal taps ever since.

. photos by Mari Eriksson