Tuesday, July 14, 2009


smooches for you. bunny smooches. because I'm all out of words today.

(although, do these bunnies with their red eyes look a little like they have myxi to you? but they can't have myxi, they're smooching, which means they're happy bunnies, so shall we all just carry on and pretend that the rabbit lover didn't just bring up myxomatosis? good, agreed.)

. illustration by Marie Isabel Arango and via polyvore


  1. Their eyes are just a bit red because they have been shedding tears of joy. Let's say that. I love bunnies too.

  2. Bunny tears. They just watched watership down.

  3. excuse me. I don't know what myxi is, but YOU SAID NO CREEPY BUNNIES.

    you're not off the hook just because they're kissing.

  4. aw, those bunnies are precious.

  5. oh god, no mixi!! i just looked it up... how incredibly horrid! this is what happened...
    these bunnies were long lost lovers. the bunny on the left (girl) was forbidden to see the bunny on the right (boy) because he was from the wrong side of the bunny tracks and because he had a slight case of rosacea. after 23 years apart, they ran into one another at a wedding. in new york. they had never stopped loving eachother. they burst into immense tears of joy as they ran to give eachother bunny smooches. and they lived happily ever after, rosacea and all!

  6. You guys make me laugh, I love you.

    ESB, are they creepy? I wasn't sure. My initial reaction when I saw them was all 'awwww, cute!' so I just kind of stuck with that.

  7. You might enjoy this cute bunny on his hind legs



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