Monday, August 24, 2009

back and forth and back again

Hello darlings (and hello lovely new darlings who have found their way over here from Joanna's coop. Welcome! Please stay for I think I like you.)

I've been away but now I'm back. For three nights until I'm away again. Sigh and triple sigh. Live is busy, August is crazy. Weddings weddings everywhere and not a drop to drink. Or something along those lines. In the last month we have travelled 3562 miles. Two weeks ago, over the course of four days we took fifteen trains and slept in four different beds. We now have 24,000 photos to edit and all I want to do is take a big nap. But no time, no time, no time at all.

In the meantime, until hotel room number seventy two and wedding number six hundred and forty one, I'm really really going to try and give you some new posts. Because I like you and want to give you pretty things and say thank you for your lovely comments which make me smile muchly in the month of mad mad madnesses.

. photo by Toshi*


  1. well sounds exciting.. cannot wait to see pictures! make sure you find time to rest!

  2. Yes, be careful not to get sick again. Drink lots and lots of water. Chicken soup. Get cuddles. And congrats on the Cup of Jo mention except I could not make out which one was you...that doesn't mean other more able people can't.

  3. Yes, congrats on le stripes mention and congrats on loads of work (even if exhausting at the moment, it's good news, right?)
    Have a restful three days, lady.

  4. I will take a nap for you. xo

  5. oh peonies, there is always time in the day for a nap. always!
    and, thanks for all your very sweet comments.

  6. Sounds like business is booming! That's fantastic. But yes - do try to get in a nap or three so you don't get sick. Looking forward to seeing the pictures on L&L!

  7. hee hee, I like how you wrote, "Weddings everywhere and not a drop to drink" -- hopefully you get to work in some dancing (you know, to make sure you properly capture the mood and all ;)) -- Okay, perhaps the parties might worry about you, but here's to almost the end of August for you :)!

  8. wow that is a lot to edit - hope you can wade through it all to some fresh waters soon


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