Sunday, August 16, 2009


Hello chickens. Thank you for all your anniversary wishes, you're sweetie pies. P&P has now been a married blog for longer than it was an engaged blog so I'm thinking it's definitely not a wedding blog any more. Which confuses my head a little bit.

One year ago today I was eating a lot of cake, leftover lasagne, drinking homemade booze and watching Ratatouille with my recently acquired husband. It was a bloody brilliant day. Oh and that was when we had our wee day after, Make the Dress A Bit Muddy photo date. I don't think I ever told you about that, or showed you more than these two pictures. It was fun. I'll share more one day.

Yesterday was quiet. We thought about grand plans, we even tried to make grand plans but in the end it was just me and him and the things that we do on our favourite days, like go to the cinema, eat yummy food, make pancakes and give presents. Well, he gave presents. I kind of flunked on the presents thing. I have no excuse other than the fact that I'm a Bad Wife. I went to get something that I'd been thinking about for ages but the damn thing was gone and it's taken a little while for my brain to switch over to plan B. I would like to say that I felt really really bad about it when he presented me with a Kitchenaid Mixer that he'd been saving for for a year but bugger me if I wasn't altogether too busy with the stroking of the mixer and the rubbing of the mixer and the "ohmygod, you got me a KITCHENAID MIXER"ing.

In case you missed that, The Boy bought me a kitchenaid. A shiny one. An Almond one. One that he'd been saving for for a year because he wanted to buy me it as a wedding gift but a year ago we'd spent every penny we had on cake stands and gourmet cheese. So he saved his pennies for a whole year (Just in case you were in any doubt about how goddamn cute he is.)

And then (AND THEN) he made me pancakes with it. He bought me a kitchenaid mixer and then he made me pancakes. I bought him sunflowers and took him to the cinema. I think he wins.

Which brings me back to what I was going to say. We thought about big days, about health spas and luxury camping and nights in hotels and jazz on boats and dancing til dawn but in the end we did the things that we love to do, the things that we've done a lot over our first year of married life, the things that we've done to cheer ourselves up when things have been hard, to reward ourselves when we've done something clever, to find some time together when time is hard to find. We did those things but we did them better.

Instead of the big shiny cinema that smells of hotdog and synthetic cheese we went to the independent one, the one with the velvet seat and the curtain with stars on that hangs over the screen, the one that's 70 years old and doesn't mind if the audience bring their own cucumber sandwiches. And we watched two films. In a row. We NEVER watch two films in a row. We watch one film and say 'wouldn't it be fun to watch another? We better not though, that would be naughty.'

Instead of one the only two restaurants we ever go to (the vegan ones that do cheapies on a Monday) we went to a proper restaurant. One with silver cutlery and floral tableclothes and food served on mismatched granny china. One with real cheese!

And then we came home and asked the boy if it was weird that I had barely thought about our wedding once all day. And he said no, that an anniversary isn't about thinking about the wedding, it's about thinking about the marriage and each other and the time we've spent together and the time we have yet to spend together. We did that. And it was lovely.

The photos have little to nothing to do with our anniversary, they're just breakfast, but better.