Wednesday, August 26, 2009

rain and birdies

Summer's gone. I'm sitting inside at 11am and it's so dark outside I have the lights on. It's August.

These plates make it all a little better...

. Secret Garden china, by Portmeirion
. images from John Lewis
. found in Country Living Magazine


  1. oooh these are lovely lovely lovely, have brightened my day!

  2. LOVE the tea set! LOVE that pattern... so beautiful. definitely the perfect way to brighten your grey day.

  3. i feel summer slipping away...feels like it turns dark shortly after i get home from work these days :-(

  4. Lovely, I want to go straight to John Lewis now to brighten up these feeble summer days!

  5. darling little places - now I want some little sandwiches to go with them

  6. Mmm... goodness knows I loved your country very much, but the weather was a bit sh*t. On the plus side though, you can wear wellies. I got myself a pair of navy blue Hunters down near Gretna Greene and *those* brightened my day.

    Maybe you sould go stamp in a few puddles. That always helps (well, if you have on your wellies).

    xoxoxo (((())))

  7. OH. MY. GOD.

    i'm in love with these. why oh why do i have to live in stinky new york where i highly doubt i can get my hands on these????

    thanks for sharing. jealous :(

  8. Oh yes, I saw these in that mag too, sooooo pretty! I'd love the whole tea set, even though I dont like tea, but even just the plate on the wall would brighten my day. Blame the weather on hurricane bill. its crap everywhere today.

  9. Those are fabulous! There's no way you could be sad if you were having tea with that set.

    Summer is still in full force in Texas, and I wish it would cool off by at least 10 degrees. In Austin, it's hit 100+ degrees nearly every day since mid-June...

  10. oh it's so disgraceful that summer feels already over. i had to clean my new house in the dark as the previous tenants hadn't left us any light bulbs! gah. love a bit of joyful crockery though..

  11. I saw those in Country Living too & wanted to get them. Then I remembered the 100 sets of vintage crockery that we bought for our wedding & realised that we have more than enough! :)

    It was dark when we got off the tube tonight. Summer does seem to be on it's way out.


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