Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dahlias and Delights

I've never seen one of my pictures in someone else's home before (someone else who is not related to me), so when I came across this picture on Flora's lovely blog of one of my prints nestled amongst such objets of prettiness the feeling of delight was quite dizzy making. My picture! I took that! One cold, blustery spring day in the park. The Boy was there, I was wearing a pink scarf, he scowled at me when I tried to take his picture so instead I turned to the cherry tree, a much more agreeable subject, and took this picture. And now it sits in Floras house (Flora's gorgeous house where puppies live and flowers flourish and car boot sale flotsam and jetsom finds a forever home.) under the dahlias and next to a funny little pretty little bug....

Do hop on over to Some Moments of Pleasure, if not for the puppies and the flowers and the flotsam and the jetsom at the very least for the dahlias. Oh the dahlias, how I love them.

. photograph by Flora, at Some Moments of Pleasure.