Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dahlias and Delights

I've never seen one of my pictures in someone else's home before (someone else who is not related to me), so when I came across this picture on Flora's lovely blog of one of my prints nestled amongst such objets of prettiness the feeling of delight was quite dizzy making. My picture! I took that! One cold, blustery spring day in the park. The Boy was there, I was wearing a pink scarf, he scowled at me when I tried to take his picture so instead I turned to the cherry tree, a much more agreeable subject, and took this picture. And now it sits in Floras house (Flora's gorgeous house where puppies live and flowers flourish and car boot sale flotsam and jetsom finds a forever home.) under the dahlias and next to a funny little pretty little bug....

Do hop on over to Some Moments of Pleasure, if not for the puppies and the flowers and the flotsam and the jetsom at the very least for the dahlias. Oh the dahlias, how I love them.

. photograph by Flora, at Some Moments of Pleasure.


  1. How wonderful. I imagine it's a bit like watching your kids graduate from college. Except you don't have to worry about what to wear or anything.

  2. isn't that the weirdest thing when you see that? I've had that experience once.

    and, I covet her vase.

  3. Count me in as another one that is seriously jonesing for that vase. A beautiful picture within a beautiful picture!

  4. What a wonderful discovery! I've always felt a little sad when my photographs have gone off to someone unknown. Happy to have sold them, of course, but sad to see them go. I'd love to be able to catch a glimpse of them all, a year later, hopefully happy and below some dahlias and beside a pretty bug.

  5. aww thats wonderful! and now, if she sees this, she will see the story behind it which always makes one love something more.

  6. AH!! Goodness me! How delightful that you have reposted it!
    Well first of all thank you for taking such a stunner of a picture in the first place, and I love the story behind it.
    It took us ages to frame and am not sure if it's the right one for it,if I see something better it might well be changed.And I think I will leave it on the fireplace for a while to remind me of spring through the dark winter days that are on the way.. Thanks for the nice words on the vase,for my shame I can't remember where I found it..
    Glad you like the little bug too!
    Your pictures are truly stunning, I do have my eye on a couple more!

  7. You shouldn't be so shocked that one of your photos hangs in someones home! I come to your blog to look at all your pretty photos, why wouldn't someone want one to hang in their house to look at every day? You take great photographs, they're completely lovely.


  8. That's gotta feel pretty damn good! Congrats, my dear :)


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