Monday, September 14, 2009

The rules of florals...

So it turns out that giant hair flowers are over. Whatever. But the terminally opinionated east side has deigned to allow us to attach them to our shoes instead, which I like.

I kind of want the whole shoes, not just the clips. Could the colours be any more perfect together?

. shoe clips by B.Poetic, who also make non-shoe flowers, for putting on your lapel, your wrist, your waist, your bag, not your hair.
. via east side bride


  1. Gotta love East Side!

    My 21st birthday shoes have flowers like that already attached to the front. I have to say, I like the idea of ones I can take off and put on whatever I like.

    Hmm. Do I feel more etsy shopping coming on?

  2. I just like having someone be in charge of things.

  3. no flower in hair, check!
    flowers on shoes, check!
    wow, turns out i'm cooler than i thought...

  4. I *really* like being in charge of everyone else. Because it turns out my life is kind of a mess.

  5. they would make me feel so Carrie

  6. ESB are ever-opinionated, aren't they. Gotta love them.

    I love those shoes! I got soem fabric flower tutes in Martha Weddings this week, I must give this a go. I am thinking of making tulle ones!

  7. I think all my shoes might need flowers...


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