Monday, September 28, 2009

Things I would like...

. an afternoon to bake cinnamon buns

. a day to bake brioche

. an afternoon to go and peruse the stinky cheese

. an evening to cook crepes and stuff them with tomato sauce, spinach and said stinky cheese before baking them in the oven then eating them at a candlelit table with my husband whilst listening to Woody Guthrie sing about plague and pestilence

. a day to shop for winter clothes. A woolly jumper (with sleeves and a length sufficient to keep my kidneys warm), thick tights, flat leather boots that don't leak, black trousers, a black scarf and a warm hat.

. a week to prepare myself for getting my hair cut. (I may need longer for this one)

. a day by the sea

. a weekend to throw out everything in our office that is not useful. Including, but not limited to, the spare computer, the empty fishtank, the pile of CDs neither of us have listened to since we were 15 and the video player that doesn't work because the rabbit ate through the cable

. a week to deal with the world of pain that is shopping for new glasses

. a week to shop for an apartment in New York (Lillian and Leonard go Stateside baby!)

. a month to throw out everything in our flat that is not useful. Including, but not limited to; three garden parasols, never used as we don't have a garden. Every pair of curtains that every member of both of our families have ever bought and discarded because they're horrible. A vast collection of offcuts of wood/chipboard/mdf/plywood that Might Be Useful One Day. Nine years worth of fashion magazines. Five years worth of interiors magazines. Four years worth of fishkeeping magazines. The spare toilet.

. a month to redecorate every room in said flat

. a week to knock down then rebuild my blog. I want to change just about everything

. a week to attend to the needs of my sadly neglected shop and perhaps coax it back into life

. a fortnight to lie in the sun with my husband and do bugger all

. a dog

. photograph by and courtesy of Penelope Jonze