Friday, October 02, 2009

coffee cups

I think I need this. Although to be honest I don't think really I need anything that facilitates my burgeoning espresso habit. Sure I could fill it with nettle and peppermint tea, but yawn?

For years I hated coffee. I loved the smell but the taste was revolting. Then about 2 months ago the smell became too enticing to resist. And what do you know, it was delicious. I think they changed the recipe or something. Kind of like they did with mushrooms because those things used to taste like crap but all of a sudden they're kind of yummy.

It's a dangerous sign when I start shopping for paraphernalia for a new interest. When I start reading the backs of the 72 different coffee packets in wholefoods, find the fact that robusta beans contain twice as much caffeine as arabica beans fascinating and feel that a new cup, small and perfectly formed is entirely necessary it is a sure sign that I'm on the verge of developing an unhealthy dependency.

All of which would be fine if I wasn't actually not really allowed coffee because it makes me ill. But it's just So Good. And look at the precious little cups that you can drink it from.

. cups and pictures from various sellers on etsy. Click on the pictures for links to the listings