Thursday, October 29, 2009


A few small pieces from my life of late.

A noticeboard that hangs above my desk to inspire. There are, perhaps, an embarrassing number of pictures of my boy but fuck it, I love him.

Jeans, rediscovered. I had forgotten how at home I feel in clothes that are just far too big. With holes in. Whenever I wear them people ask me if they're my husband's. Which is silly. One, he's almost a foot taller than me. Two, he does not have a 26inch waist.

One arts degree, which packs up most neatly into two bin bags and an invoice for quite a lot of student loan.

A new bag. Not just any new bag but the first handbag I have ever owned. Seriously. I've had school bags and I've had shopping bags and I've had quite a few bags that came free with magazines. For years these have served me well but it was time to grow up. Now I have a bag with a zip. And pockets.

My last cup. I try not to moan but every morning I want to hit the Boy as he sits there over breakfast with his perfect French press coffee. Bastard.

I know it doesn't look like an improvement but trust me, it is.

Clever LPC was right, I didn't need a month to throw out all of our junk. I did need three weekends without weddings to tackle the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, sitting room and hallway, to get rid of shit like this that has been hiding in forgotten drawers for a year or three. Now only the office is left. If only I could rouse myself to actually go inside it at the weekends.

Instead, I'd much rather go out and buy cake and figs.

(addendum, bag is from Matt and Nat, swallow jacket is from Topshop and is positively ancient, mug is from Emma Bridgewater)


  1. your jacket and purple bag are aaamazing! where are they from?

  2. Oh but now I feel that we must feed you. You are so small in those jeans. Cakes. Figs. Persimmon pudding. Pomegranate salads. Clotted cream with cinnamon over apple pies. Baked butternut squash with a little maple syrup. Roasted brussels sprouts with pancetta and Meyers lemons...

  3. Oh. And congratulations on the de-cluttering. It is actually a big thing.

  4. wow that face mask makes that seem like some serious renovation. good luck with that!

  5. I was a little worried when I saw the frame. It somehow doesn't sit well with what I've come to know of Polaroids & Peonies...
    nice post.

  6. i think you like the boy with the French press coffee ;P

  7. Oh the frame made me laugh. We have a few wtf's like that lurking in corners as well. And my you've been a busy lady!

    Gorgeous handbag by the way...

  8. Thanks Kat! I've added an addendum mentioning the bag and jacket. I LOVE my new bag.

    LPC, done. You are welcome in our house any time should you be wanting to feed us (Nye is very skinny too, mothers ALWAYS want to feed him)

    Julia, they are horribly serious :( We're getting there though!

    Chloe, you're right. It does not sit well. At all.

    Jiorji, he's not bad really!

    agirl, I'm so glad it's not just us. Chuck 'em out. You'll feel so liberated.

  9. Oh how I love Matt and Nat

    I want to buy a hot chocoate and some shortbread cookies

  10. posts like these (from you) are my favoritest coz they always make me stop.breath.&smile :) great to see and hear life is treating you well.

  11. Oh, Peonies! The wedding photos on that inspiration board of yours are so gorgeously lovely. Every time I see them I'm reminded just how pretty you and the Boy are and how romantic your wedding was. Forgive me if I've missed it, but it makes me want to hear the rest of your story. Did you ever finish it? Am I being blind?

  12. I love your photography. Looking at your photos is always like sitting down with a cup of tea and a good book in a cozy chair.

    Glad you're managing to de-clutter. I'm still working on it at home.

  13. And I can't believe I forgot to mention this, but that is one sassy bag and I love it.

  14. Hello...

    I love the jeans and positively adore that jacket. Holey jeans are so much comfier.

    The frame made me laugh. We have one that could be its sibling. Imagine two champagne flutes crossed like swords with holes for the photos where the champagne would go. If they were real flutes. Then they might have a purpose.

    The problem is that a close member of my family gave to us and I dare not 'lose' in case I cause offence. So it has gone into the box of special stuff that only comes out when their original gifters come to stay.

    Although I have yet to bring myself to cut up two perfectly good photos to go in it. Hmm.

  15. I love that jacket! *wants*

    Well done on the de-cluttering. It always seems so huge before you start - the trick for me is getting started. My current excuse is that I need to finish my thesis first... My next excuse might be that I want to make a jacket like yours :)

  16. I love so much about this. Beautiful.

  17. I was going to say how much I love yor jacket - but so has everyone else! ahhh well. I still think it is amazing. We have so many eurgh wedding presents lurking in drawers... one by one they shall go with the bags to the charity shop...

  18. lovely photos, as always. I do love seeing your house in the background too. (but then I am rather nosy)...

  19. Oh, I loved this post... The little glimpses of your home are lovely - I've commented on the wallpaper before and I'll do it again: I love it. I hope the boy will not tear out as the renovations continue.

    And jeans - yes, of course, and a bit oversized and full of holes, even better. And the jacket? the jacket with the...swallows and the frayed edges? I love it, too.


  20. This post made me smile. It is sort of... a month in the life of... Congrats on the de-cluttering. You have inspired me to attack my art closet today. So thank you thank you, because I usually need a nice dose of inspiration and motivation to de-clutter. Great pics, great style, lovely blog, thanks for it all. xoxo H

  21. LOVE the handbag... gorgeous!


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