Sunday, October 18, 2009

Things after which I lust....

A Simple Bird and NYC Souvenir by BROOKLYNrehab

Note to self, buy test tubes and labels before trip to NYC. And protective gloves.

The Birds and Beautiful Bugs, by D.S. Brennan

The bug section was always my favourite in the museum. The bugs and the gemstones. I've always liked shiny things, precious things.

Old Lady Swearwords by Sianuska

It's missing a few of my gran's choice phrases but I'm not sure that anyone but my gran says dengity. Or go and fachle your wachle. I think it's a scottish highland kind of a thing.

Tree, Orchid, Biplane and Birdcage pillowcases by branchhandmade

Flowers and birdcages for girlies who like to look at pictures of flowers (because they kill the real thing) and buy bircages (because they're all vintagey and curvy) and biplanes and trees for boys who like to climb trees (jut 'cause) and whose graddaddies flew funny little planes in the olden days.

So Very Happy by Dazeychic

Because sometimes we need to be reminded that happiness
isn't beyond us.

Flying High by Unravelling

I see a birdy sort of a lustfullnes developing here.

Waxed and Dastardly by Olerattlesnake

I know we're supposed to be over the moustache as accessory/icon/whatever but I like them. Bite me.

Simple Little Ring by Kateszabone.

Let's just call this what it is shall we? A Cristmas list.

In silver. With a white saphire. Size 5.


All images courtesy of the respective sellers on etsy.