Thursday, October 08, 2009

wild things

hullo chickens, sorry I've been gone. I have a broken husband you see, and a lot to do. And a bathroom that doesn't work and a head that's slightly fuzzy. And whenever I stop working (and sometimes when I start) (and occasionally in the middle)- a tailspin of panic. So, I've been working. Working working working. Working so much that I worked right through an appointment that I've been waiting 21 months for and didn't realise until 5 days later. Whoops. I also forgot to blog, or answer emails or, well pretty much do anything.

Poor broken husband isn't faring too well either. He busted his knee, it hurts, it makes him grumpy (although he's doing an admirable job at pretending it doesn't make him grumpy) and aside from 2 hours at the hospital he hasn't left the house for 10 days. On the upside... I'm a jumpy kind of a girl and it doesn't matter if he enters a room slowly or quickly, quietly or loudly, while my back's turned or while I'm facing the door, the sudden appearance of my husband in a room that I've been alone in for more than 5 minutes scares the crap out of me. But not this week! He can hardly leave he sofa and when he does he has to lean on a broom handle to walk. What with the clunk clunk clunk the bugger's not going to be sneaking up on me any time soon.

In other, completely unrelated, news. Don't you love love love the trailer for Where the Wild Things Are*? It's booful. And have you seen Away We Go? It's funny. Very. And did you know that Battlestar Gallactica isn't sci fi boy crap but is actually terribly good? (Um, yeah, I've been spending all that time that I've been not blogging and not answering emails watching sci fi boy crap on the sofa with my husband)

* can you believe that I'd never heard of Where the Wild Things Are until husband mentioned it to me a few years ago? Before you write off my childhood as entirely deprived of literary culture and learning though, bear in mind that by the age of 8 I could recite this great work of genius by heart. I still can.