Saturday, November 07, 2009

meanwhile elsewhere

a small collection of things from the internet that I wanted to blog about but didn't...

  • I still want a dog. This photo by Wendy Bevan makes me a little desperate
  • This one doesn't help either
  • what I am dreaming our home will look like one day. Or should that be 'our house'?
  • My Mum offered me her wedding dress when we got married, I think she was joking. Jamie Lea wore her Mum's wedding dress though and I just love the picture of the two of them side by side.

*I was a little nervous and talked too much, knocked things over in shops and fell off a pavement. She was kind enough not to mention any of that.

. image by Wendy Bevan


  1. swoon. that dress is beautiful :)

  2. oh dear.

    that house is lovely, and very peonies.

    i will say this again.

    young up and coming photographers with a growing pool of clients who want them to photograph all over the world wouldbe hindered by a dog. and again if they decided to live on a boat. or maybe not. i'm sure some dogs love that. but still.

  3. 1. that second dog photo caused a bit of a crying fit.

    2. that's it! i'm going to scotland to get my fill of peonies and i don't care how much it costs! we can sell our furniture... it's not like we really need it.

    3. that house on vintage simple makes me hate our furniture anyway...

    4. the reminder? major crying fit. as in, i'm still crying.

  4. I agree. Want dog now. Sadness living in tiny apt. But this is no excuse. french Bulldog would be perfectly happy:(

  5. Oh Peonies.. you want a dog so much.. it is tricky having one and juggling work and life.. but it can work - you just need to find a willing dog sitter. ours is my mum and dad or brother... but it's amazing who will come out of woodwork. besides if you took my wedding photos you could bring your dog with you!

  6. ps wasn't being cruel and uploading my own fury friend.. pure coincidence.. and bad timing x x

  7. Well I was nervous and talky and clumsy when I met *you*

  8. Jamie - I know, that's why we don't *have* a dog.

    Celia - hell yeah! I can't wait.

    Meg - the best of us are

  9. yep i have i agree with jamie - it's hard to be an adventuring freewheeling person with a dog in tow. i have plenty of cautionary tales from my own life with dogs that i keep meaning to share on my blog.

  10. Wait. *You* talked too much? I'm pretty sure *I* talked too much. And asked too many questions.

    And the knocking things over was because of a full moons. Full moons are like that.

  11. Thank you. You're a dear in the most subtle and kind of ways.



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