Friday, November 27, 2009

New York - baked goods

We all know I'm only in it for the baked goods.
Tell me where to get the baked goods.
I need the baked goods.
Baked Goods.

* bread, buns, cake, donut, muffin, bagel, baklava, pastry, cheesecake, cupcake. I don't care. I want them all. I NEED them all.

. vesuvio bakery, bt tomefran


  1. Cupcake: Billy's
    Bagel: H&H
    Cheesecake: Junior's Deli
    Donut: Donut Pub
    Rye Bread: Zabar's
    Scone: Sarabeth's
    Crepe Cake: Lady M
    Ginger Cookies: Alice's Tea Cup

  2. lurker coming out to say....

    ahhh, vesuvio, be still my heart. home of the best ricotta cheesecake i've ever tasted.

    we actually got our wedding cake from vesuvio' was so good there wasn't even a top to save!

  3. Doughnut plant!!! Yuuuummm

  4. I just had to emerge from lurkdom to put in a plug for Levain Bakery, home of the best cookies in the city--delicious, buttery, heart-attack inducing. on W. 74th just off Amsterdam Ave, tucked away slightly below ground level.

  5. Brueggers for Bagels! Find a local bakery for the best stuff! XO

  6. Madeleine's in Chelsea for macaroons and coffee:

    Chikalicious Dessert Club (for an all dessert meal):

    Baked in Red Hook for the sweet&salty brownies:

    Red velvet cupcakes from the Cupcake Stop truck:

  7. For any Italian pastries: Venieros...342 E 11th. AMAZING!!

  8. Well Amanda pretty much covered it, but somehow she missed Amy's Breads. And as discussed, you can go Billy's or Magnolia's on cupcakes, they are the same. I will tell you that Billy is a really nice guy, and the owner of magnolia's is nuts. But the cupcakes are the same. ;)

  9. Essa Bagel was my pick back when I was allowed to eat bagels.

    Magnolia for CAKE. cakecakecake. fuck cupcakes.

  10. butter lane on 7th btw 1st and A has the best cupcakes in the city. you can match the type of cake you want with the type of frosting you want. so delicious!

  11. I second Sarabeth's for scones... and their tomato soup (not a baked good but any baked good tastes heavenly when dipped in it).

  12. I love a great bakery...I miss them!
    sandy toe

  13. Baked goods in NYC are enough to lure me out of lurkdom as well, and I second Emily's suggestion of cookies from Levain Bakery. They are heavenly. Also wondrous are the cookies and other baked goods at Momofuku Milk Bar on 13th between 2nd and 3rd. And while you're there, try the pork buns. Amazing!

  14. cupcakes: kyotofu, in hell's kitchen (more interesting than your standard, and they've been crowned nyc's best a few times; they also have amazing soymilk soft serve)
    bagels: murray's, in chelsea
    doughnuts: doughnut plant, on the lower east side
    bread: amy's bread
    cookies, crack pie, cereal milk: momofuku milk bar, in the east village (innovative and marvelous)
    pie: the little pie company, hell's kitchen and grand central
    hot chocolate, homemade marshmallows: city bakery, near union square

  15. Wow, Amanda really is a proper New Yorker now!

    (And Cara, I know I say this all the time, but you crack me up, I love the way you write. Kisses xxx)

  16. Best hot chocolate and lemon blueberry muffins, and a cupcake called "Brooklyn Blackout" that is to die for: Two Little Red Hens, 2nd Avenue, between 85th and 86th. Closer to 86th, right off the corner.

  17. For cupcakes: Sugar Sweet Sunshine on the Lower East Side is the best!
    Also, yes to Baked in Red Hook.

    For doughnuts: YES to Doughnut Plant!
    And, if you end up in Williamsburg or Greenpoint, Peter Pan on Manhattan Avenue is AMAZING.

    For pudding: Magnolia's. Banana pudding. Delicious.

    Also, you have to go to Veniero's, as was suggested, for Italian pastries.

  18. i'm too far away to list any.
    so if you ever get to australia, let me know :)

  19. this may be too late (finally catching up on my overwhelmed Reader), but if you're still looking: go to bubby's pies in tribeca — and sneak downstairs to their old school photobooth. highly recommend their michigan sour cherry pie.

  20. oh my, i love bakeries too...that feeling you get when you first walk into a bakery....ahhhhh

  21. I think I already commented about City Bakery elsewhere but I love it. For cupcakes I discovered this place in the East Village:

    Yum. And a nice vintage-y feel.


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