Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New York - breakfast

When the boy and I stayed in New York four years ago we stayed at the YMCA (hello cheapesrt accommodation in town). The best bit about this was the breakfast voucher (closely followed by the communal showers).

Every day we went to a diner on the corner, clutching our laminated vouchers entitling us to truly obscene quantities of French toast or pancakes (American, not European. It has recently come to my attention that when I say 'pancakes' Americans think of those firm foam pads that are essentially a sponge for maple syrup whereas Europeans know that I'm talking about crepes; wafer thin, perfectly mottled, rollable pancakes topped with fresh lemon juice and crunchy sugar. But I digress...)

This was great for the first three days while we revelled in whole jugs of syrup and endless coffee refills but on the fourth day I felt bloated at the mere sight of that breakfast voucher and turned to the boy who was also clutching kind of desperately at his stomach and asked him if we could just go somewhere and find some fruit.

So. Breakfast. American with white flour, sugar and fried goods or European with yoghurt, fruit, croissants, butter, jam and easy on the syrup. Porridge with cinnamon and raisins, toast with marmalade and tea. Eggs poached, fried, boiled. With toast soldiers or with a side of brioche.

Where in the city of New York can I find a perfect breakfast? Anywhere, any style, any price. I love me some breakfast.

*eggs. by The Cheshire Smile.


  1. Good Enough to Eat!

  2. As someone who just moved from new york to london, i'll say i'm a huge fan of the european breakfast, but i'll also admit, sometimes i miss a good old american start to the morning. If you're going for cozy this place is good: http://www.friendofafarmernyc.com/ but if it's more chic you're after i'd try Balthazaar (http://www.balthazarny.com/) I hope you have a wonderful time! I'm jealous!

  3. Before this post, New York week was just making me jealous. Now it's making me hungry too.

    Mmm, breakfast.

  4. Norma's in the Parker Meridien - unbelievable!

  5. Moto in Williamsburg/Sorta Bushwick. It's underneath the Hewes stop on the J. It's super small, so it's best to get there early. They have the best apple pancake EVER (and it's not a foam disk, it's more of an amazing sponge cake).

    Enids in Greenpoint has a mean Bloody Mary if you're into that sort of thing.

    Oooo, no. I mentioned Williamsburg and Greenpoint. Let the hipster bashing BEGIN!

    Oh and Stone Park in Park Slope. But that's kind of pricey.

    Also in Park Slope - Applewood. Also a little pricey, but so. freaking. good.

  6. mmmmmmmm, i love a good brek

    have fun

  7. First, I saw this and thought of you today: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=33064226

    Second, breakfast is my favorite meal. I love a British breakfast (beans, toast, fried eggs, mushrooms, and stewed tomatoes), but my all time favorite is a large stack of American pancakes (preferably made with buttermilk). If you don't love American pancakes, then you must get bagels from a Kosher deli. Mmmmm.

  8. @melinda bunny! That's gorgeous!

  9. These are all great suggestions.

    I love Sarabeth's for scones and 'ino in the w.village for truffled egg toast.

  10. I love that picture!!

  11. Mmm- this post made me hungry for a yummy breakfast!

  12. Be sure to get some huevos rancheros while you're in town--I could go for some right now. Check out:

    Cafe Habana
    229 Elizabeth St.

    (They also have great mojitos and elote)

  13. Kitchenette, Amsterdam and umm 126th? and when I lived there, right next door was Crepe Cafe not sure if it's still there but it was awesome! Also Spoonbread 2 for awesome soul food shrimp and grits yum! 110th and morningside drive.

    Also I've had bad experiences at Good Enough to Eat, so just a warning.

  14. Great one on the Lower East Side, avoid the weekend brunch rush if you can:

    Clinton Street Bakery

    Stone Park Cafe in Park Slope

  15. I've never been to New York, but i feel so jealous and hungry right now. I'd like breakfast now please! (23:24!)

    I'm British, and what makes me laugh about 'english breakfast' is that i've never met anyone who eats it regularly. It tends to be a real rare treat.

  16. BAGELS.
    I will say no more.

  17. I went to the City Bakery for breakfast almost every day - brilliant for people watching too. One of my favourite places in the whole of New York. A place called Chat n Chew (I think) is good for egg-y type breakfasts.

  18. My MOST favorite brunch place in Diner in Williamsburg. Amazing!

    Clinton Street Baking Co is fantastic!
    Cafe Mogador is one of my Favorites for middle eastern breakfast...so good!
    Egg in Williamsburg is really great as well.

    Pastis is a more posh French place with good pain perdu!

    And there's le pain quotidien all over the city which is a fantastic organic belgian place with breakfasts and lunches.


  19. There are many opinions on the best bagel. Please try Bagel Hole on 7th Avenue betw 12th and 13th Sts in Park Slope.

  20. Oh, and my real favorite place for French pastries and all manners of wonderful breakfasts in my neighborhood is Choice Cafe on Lafayette in Clinton Hill. They have savory scones (the mushroom-swiss cheese is great) and gorgeous croissants. I also love their macaroons...and oh, everything.

  21. Me love me some breakfast too! (And also much prefer crepes to pancakes. But then I'm not American.)

    Our favorite place is The Empire Diner, in Chelsea (23rd and 10th, I think). It's tiny, quite vintage authentic, cool, and good (big omelets with home fries, toast and homemade jam... Just the thing before a long day of wandering NY streets).

  22. cafe mogador, on st. mark's place between 1st ave and ave A. it's a moroccan place, but they serve the best brunch in the city.

  23. Stone Park Cafe is really good. I also like AOC Bistro on 5th Ave in Park Slope too (the French Toast is sooo yummy!)

  24. WOW. I went on to Cafe Mogador on a date in 199something. So glad it's still around!

  25. scintillescent27/11/09 12:46 pm

    "cup and saucer" wonderful, old-school, luncheonette counter. not fancy, not trendy just a wonderful slice of NYC. the food is great too but it is very "diner-y"

    "Flea Market Cafe"

  26. well if you move to greeeeenpoint, you can go to habitat and get a delicious bloody mary with the best shrimp + grits or blt topped with egg and tomato sandwich or go to anella and get eggs benedict or or or or. brunch options all around!

    also, my friend stayed here for a week, i'm not sure if they cut you a deal if you rent monthly. they lowered the rate for her. but it has a backyard, and it's really cute. if you have any interest, i can tell you whose name to drop. http://greenpointvacation.com/home.php

    april seems free. just SAYIN'.

    hi east side bride. thanks for the defense earlier.

  27. @Elissa, that's the very apartment I was talking about in the infamous email exchange! It looks really cute doesn't it? We just weren't sure about how handy it would be for transport links

  28. oh! to be honest, the G is not the most convenient train in the whole city. but really, it takes about 30 minutes to get to midtown and around the same time to get to union square. there is also decent bus routes and its not far from the 7 train up here. if you'd like to stay somewhere really neighborhoody for a month, i recommend it (it is literally right down the street from me). also, if you guys are not working for a month (like commuting every day somewhere far far downtown) it is really not that bad to be off the G. in april you can take a 15minute stroll down to the L train as well. and the train is convenient for exploring brooklyn, you can take it straight to fort greene/clinton hill area, and to the lovely brooklyn flea market on saturdays and sundays. http://www.brooklynflea.com/ to be honest, i am an advocate of greenpoint b/c i lived here for 3 years and have loved it so much, its a mix of young people (yes, some tattooed hipsters) and young families, and polish families. there are a ton of affordable restaurants and bars, and there is a cute wine store right down the street that hosts free wine tastings every friday night (complete with delicious bread and cheese). basically, i think any nice neighborhood will be awesome to stay in. i like brooklyn b/c after a day in the city its nice to come home to some quiet. and obviously its cheaper than most places in the city. but whatever you guys decide, best of luck. feel free to email me directly if you do decide greenpoint/or have specific questions! i will answer them as best i can! i read your blog very regularly so i'd be glad to return some sort of favor :) elissaawiehn@gmail.com

  29. If you stay in Greenpoint, Brooklyn Label has the best oatmeal with cinnamon & raisins. Go elsewhere for fried eggs, though. But, for real, the best oatmeal! :) Also, 68 has a great brunch on the weekends that includes a Mimosa or Bloody Mary and that's between $8-$10. Also, if you want a super, super cheap greasy spoon type place (fried eggs), New Tulcingo on Manhattan Avenue is crazy cheap and the people who run it are so sweet. Don't get the Mexican food though, even though they're Mexican. Also, I second Moto, Diner, & my beloved Habitat.
    Also, I checked out the apartment rental place.... That's about 2 blocks from where I live, and it's such a great area. The commute is really not bad, especially if you're willing to ride the bus. Because if you just go north, over the Pulaski Bridge, to the Vernon-Jackson stop on the 7, you're one stop away from Grand Central. It's a 15 minute walk or 5 minute bus ride up there.

  30. 7A on 7th Street & Avenue A. Best brunch ever! Amazing fries, pancakes, strawberry butter. I could go on. It's a must hit!


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