Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New York - luncheon

So breakfast was lovely, eggs perfectly poached and served with the freshest toasted sourdough and freshly roasted black coffee.

And then you shopped, or galleried or maybe you took some photographs of people and streets and all the life of the city, either way it was a perfect New York morning.

Now you're hungry. It's lunch time. You need to rest after the morning and refuel for the afternoon ahead. Where do you go? What do you eat?

. Corner Cafe (in the West Village) by the Cheshire Smile.


  1. Kefi, really good greek food good prices. www.kefirestaurant.com

    Spice has awesome lunch specials, there's a couple different locations

    honestly don't think lunch is that big a deal around these parts. One of my favorite things to do though is go to Crocodile Lounge around lunchtime ish (a bit on the late side probably) and get a Beer which comes with a free pizza. And it's some damn good pizza. 14th between 2nd and 1st

  2. you have to have a street vendor hot dog

  3. I have a lunch place, but I cannot reveal it yet. Birthdays and such.

    I've been craving Blue Ribbon, but it's 'spensive. David and I were debating how vegetarian friendly it is. He's eaten there with me many times, but still. www.blueribbonrestaurants.com

    19 year old Meg is sending you to Yaffa: www.yaffacafe.com It's sort of... New York in the 90's, in a good way. Not expensive, good for vegetarians, East Village.

    David points out that you must do both a classic diner and a jewish deli, but lets pick that after you pick your neighborhood.

    People will tell you pizza in New York is amazing, but most of it is crap. There is just some VERY good pizza. We like Patsy's (melts in your mouth) www.patsyspizzeriany.com But arguably the *must go to* pizzeria is Grimaldi's. Super picturesque too, right near the Brooklyn Bridge www.grimaldis.com

    I am not worried about Cara following this suggestion because she is a vegitarian. But seriously, this is unwise.

  4. @Anon
    This is true by the way. I'm giving you all dinner req's.

    But Elmo's. I like to go for long work lunches playing hooky from our theatre/ editor jobs at Elmo's. Man. That sounds (and seems now) so much more glamorous than it was: www.elmorestaurant.com

  5. How did I miss all of these wonderful posts? I've been away from blog reading too long, my dear. I am SO EXCITED you are coming. I will give you lots of restaurant recommendations, but first we have to find you a place. If you are looking at neighborhoods, there are fewer places in Manhattan that are cozier than Greenwich Village. Chelsea is lovely and lively as well. In Brooklyn, I love Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill, Boerum Hill and Carroll Gardens because of their tree-lined streets and proximity to several subway lines.

    YAY! xoxox

  6. yeah I don't think Grimaldi's opens for lunch, and be prepared to either wait around 2 hours before it opens or 2 hours after. Either way eat something before you go.

    If your veg diners and delis are limited to, bagels, salad, fries, breakfast food and knish. Traditional places don't do Veggie very well but there are amazing veggie restaurants just google.

    Any asian place will make their meals vegetarian, The Mill on Broadway 113th (ish) right across the street from columbia university, an awesome korean place, has good lunch specials. Also check out korea town round-abouts 30th and broadway. Often overlooked but full of tasty pastries and yummy korean lunch boxes

    btw my husband is a scott so if you get homesick for your fellow countrymen or just think it'd be weird to see irish guys behind the bar in kilts, I can recommend a few bars. Suppose you won't get homesick for square slice but there are a couple places that do scottish food quite well. Potato scones for breakfast?

  7. just found your blog today, its adorable. love the photo, by the way! oh, and i love a good pizza.

  8. Payard - and save room for dessert

  9. you should come by and visit me! i work right around the corner from that cafe- if it is le pain quotidien...

    also, visit...

    1. freemans restaurant on rivington.

    2. marlow & sons or diner in williamsburg. soooo good.

    3. butter lane in the east village for cupcakes.

    4. cafe gitane/ cafe habana/ public for lunch or brunch.

    5. cafe cluny for breakfast or brunch.

    6. the national for lunch/ coffee on rivington.

    i could go on and on and on!!!

  10. @Anon
    Yesss... but lady... Grimaldi's is worth the wait.

    And no, I'm sorry. You have to do a jewish deli. David is, after all, a vegitarian, and he's insisting. Latkas! Latkas! He's yelling. (and he's the one who insisted on the diner too.)

  11. I know this corner. That fuzzy black and white storefront in the background is a drycleaner that hems jeans terrifically.

    You have to go to Westville for lunch. That's right, I said it, LUNCH. The market plate (vegetables, vegetables, vegetables) is one of my very favorite things. And then brave the line at Magnolia Bakery (thanks a lot Sex and the City) and order NOT A CUPCAKE but a big ol' slab of German Chocolate or Hummingbird Cake.

    Man I miss the West Village.

  12. agreed westville has great vegetable dishes! if you want a splurgy lunch, i hear the $25 (i think?) prix fixe lunch at jean georges in midtown is amazing.

  13. Anyone who comes into Butter Lane and mentions they saw us on your blog gets two for one cupcakes Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays through the month of February. (Limit two per day.) At the end of the month, the blogger with the most mentions wins a dozen cupcakes!

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