Monday, November 30, 2009

New York* - purchasing

Whenever I mention shopping in New York the Boy rolls his eyes and gives me that look. That look that says we can't afford the trip, never mind any shopping. And I give him that look that says phooey.

Having said that I don't really like spending money. I do however like looking at pretty things in pretty places. I like browsing and lingering and touching and dreaming then putting back and feeling relieved that there are still some pennies in my piggy bank and that guilt, anxiety and poverty (the natural consequences of buying things) remain neatly folded in my purse, tucked away with all of those shiny plastic cards.

What are your favourite shops in New York? Your favourite places to browse and touch and wander and dream.

. images of various New York boutiques via Wunderbloc

* I know I said it would be a week. I was wrong. New York fortnight? month? whatever, continues and will do so for as long as I have questions that you wonderful lovelies keep answering. I will be posting some other bits and bobs among my travel dreams this week too though.