Monday, November 23, 2009

New York - where?

Decision one. Where do we stay?

We're planning on renting an apartment. We just don't know where. Our requirements are as follows:

  • fairly quiet (so those three hundred empty apartments for rent above Times Square are out for starters)
  • somewhere were real people live (see above)
  • with real food shops (again with the not having millions of money we can't afford to eat out for every meal and anyway, we like cooking)
  • and nice cafes. Ones with baked goods.
  • That is generally just quite nice to walk around. We like just wandering and it would be nice to just wander straight from our house. (aka, somewhere pretty)
  • close to a subway station, for ease of just wondering in other places

What have I missed? What would you require? Where would you suggest we stay? There seems to be a general divide between the young, hip, cheap and slightly ugly neighbourhoods and the prettier, middle aged, trendy and more expensive locales.

For your amusement I offer you the exchange below, between me (P) and friends A and B via twitter and email (I paraphrase here and there) ....

P: Where should we stay in NY? What's Greenpoint like? We've found a cute little appartment there.

A: Fuck Greenpoint. It's full of hipsters and kind of ugly. B will probably suggest you stay there though. Park Slope is much nicer.

B: Fuck Park Slope, it's full of STROLLERS. How middle aged are you? Ignore A. Srsly. And hipster = cheaper

P: My head hurts.

. April, by Jen Bandini of Escape to New York