Tuesday, November 03, 2009


My first thought when I came across these pictures was what kind of crazyassed genius is this? My second thought, once I'd figured out just what I was looking at, was fuck yeah! I want one!

This perennial calendar from Little Brown Pen is too clever for words. It overwhelms me with cleverness. And beauty and talent and and and wow. I mean, it last forever. How often do you find a calendar that last forever? Almost never is how. It is made up of lots of little photos of Paris and you can buy your little piece of clever here. Or here.

Oh, and um, no. There won't be Peonies and Polaroids calendars this year. I thought about it, I even decided that it might be quite a good idea and then I tried to do it and well, I cried and I stamped my feet and I snapped at my husband and it was horrible. Maybe next year. This year there will however be Peonies and Polaroids gift set type things, which I'm very excited about. Peonies and Polaroids Gift Set Type Things only provoked lip chewing and hang wringing and a few what-am-I-doing-no-one-is-going-to-buy-these's which is a lot better than the aforementioned calendar situation.