Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Projects and Dreams

Most of my life just now seems to be projects and dreams. Projects presentsand dreams of projects future. But that's what being 24 is all about right? Projects and dreaming. Making things happen and dreaming of the things that you hope will happen. But sometimes you just want the things to be happened, the dreams to not be dreams any more and to be done with all that waiting and planning and wondering which of your 102 disparate dreams of the future is the right dream. But that's not how it works when you're 24 and you have 102 dreams and you are trying to make things happen and amongst it all you're not really sure what you want to happen. And so you muddle on. And you thank whomever it is you thank when you're thankful that you have someone beside you to hold your dreams in their hands, to keep the others safe while you play with each one in turn, rolling it over and looking at it from this way and that and wondering if just maybe it's the right one.