Friday, November 06, 2009

Something kind of fantastic

'We're different, we all are. Him especially. But there's something kind of fantastic about that, isn't there?' *

When I found myself sitting on The Boy, sobbing into his neck because we didn't have the right flour to make pastry and thus life was just impossible, it was pretty clear that I needed to get out. It was also clear, judging from the level of the screaming hab jab that was going on, that it would take something really really good to make this horrible situation better.

'How about we go out for dinner? Mono should be quiet on a Monday, we can sit in a booth and eat veggie burgers.'

'no' I muttered, shaking my head which was still hiding in his jumper

'Cake. We could go for cake'

I didn't even bother saying no this time, just shook my head again and sniffed loudly.

'Um...' he said, starting to sound a little desperate. 'What about Fantastic Mr Fox'

My ears pricked.

I am in big love with Fantastic Mr Fox. This film is the love child of Ocean's Eleven and Wallace and Gromit adopted and raised by The Royal Tenenbaums. Fantastic, in other words. We went to see it on Monday when I was in the midst of the aforementioned rather major meltdown and I'm quite certain that there is nothing else in this world that could have calmed and cured me like those weird little animated mammals.

Sorry I've been gone. I'm struggling with, um, sanity issues. Which strangely my puter seems to exasperate something rotten. So I've been hiding from it. Avoidance (and animation) is the best medicine.

*words of the truly fantastic Mrs Fox.