Friday, November 20, 2009


from: Boy

to : Girl
subject: stuck

Ever feel stuck* pixie ?


He knows me so well. He also calls me pixie, which if you didn't know, you do now.

* it's a video, it makes noise. Be warned.

. photo courtesy of via writelikecrazy


  1. cracks me up :) you guys are too cute... thanks for sharing dear. have a happy weekend!

  2. That pic is too cute. My other half never calls me by my actual name. Pixie is cute ;)

  3. You are clearly a pixie. That explains so much. Even maybe why I love this blog as I do.

  4. Thank you for making my morning.

  5. hilarious and this reminds me of the time my dog actually did get his head stuck like an iron gate...we had to wait over an hour for the police to come with heavy cutters to free him.

  6. I know how you both feel. Very much so.

    I also wish I managed to use today better so I could do both tidying and baking. I got as far as putting washing on but not so far as hanging it up.

    There always seems to much to do (and too many nice things to read which are way more fun than working)

  7. Oh that made me laugh. And pixie seem highly appropriate somehow :)

  8. well, that's just embarrassing.

    that boy of yours is obviously pretty cool. i've been feeling very stuck lately and it sucks and it makes me cry and i don't like it. at all. i guess that's just the way the cookie crumbles sometimes...


  9. Nice.

    (Random: Portugal Portuguese is SO much more difficult to understand than Brasilian.)

    I totally understand with the tidying and baking. Tidying isn't my favourite thing to do, but it's so satisfying when you're done. I've got an itch to bake something today, too. Maybe bread...

  10. pixie is very endearing - i might would have to keep him around a bit if he kept that up.

    i wish cleaning was my valium. lately it seems that chips and soda are mine and that's never a good idea.

  11. Dear Pixie, Just a little note from Marrakech to say that your boxed sets (and the gorgeous pictures of them in the boxes -- how did you do that?) are super lovely. Love the whole boxed concept, you clever girl, umm pixie.

  12. agreed with all the pixie comments here - I've got the most unflattering *petname* from my boyfriend, but it's been so long that I forget it's a bit unflattering. I'm not going to say what it is :)
    And very good analogy with the valium/bloody mary bit, I may have to throw that around one day (with proper citation, of course!)

  13. best picture ever. you are so funny! and OMG... you are long lost sole sister... I cant say it better than you that 'cleaning is my valium'..... brilliant! I thought I was a weirdo. Whenever anything is wrong, I start re-arranging furniture and my closet...yay for pixies. I had a teacher once say to me that part of the process is re-arranging the sock drawer. this was so liberating when I was stuck in figuring out what the hell i was doing... its okay to be stuck! best post ever! xoxo


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