Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Girl dislikes Tuesdays

I don't really like Tuesdays. I do kind of like Mondays though, there's only so much weekend I can take before I start feeling guilty about all that work I'm not doing. But by Tuesdays I'm bored of working again and ready for it to be the weekend. But the great misery of a Tuesday is that the weekend is So Far Away.

So I put on my happy playlist and ever since watching Celia and Joe's honeymoon slideshow (over and over and over again) this song has been at the top of my happy list... It kind of works.

Updates on the Christmas/cookies/cows situation:

Cows: I'm so relieved that y'all moo at cows too. Some of you asked who these weirdos who don't moo at cows are and let's just say peoplewithnogoddamnimagination and leave it at that.

Bertha: you most certainly can have a picture, once she's a little less nekkid. A situation that is getting no closer to being remedied, despite your plentiful suggestions. For those who pointed out that garlands and things that wrap are the way to go I would like to make it clear that Bertha is Very Fat and any garland I made would have to be 9 meters long just to go ffrom top to bottom in a fairly mean little spiral. NINE METERS people. You obviouly missed the part in my request (or maybe I missed it) where I point out how bloody lazy I am and request that your suggestions require next to no time or effort. To which I tried making some origami decorations last night. Yeah, origami's an asshole. Celia warned me and she says she would never lie to me but it's just folding paper right? Any idiot who can make a paper frog can make a paper tree decoration, right? And I can do it while watching One Tree Hill, right? Wrong.

Origami = asshole. And so Bertha remains unclothed.

Cookies: well there's little to say here 'xcept they're all gone. Maybe I'll share some recipes and photos with you later though.

* points if you can tell me which lovely lady blogger I nicked the title from. Without clicking the link darlings, without.


  1. No effort decorations?

    Okay, I suggest finding a place that sells those large boxed sets or ornaments at discount.

    Since I'm in the U.S., I don't know where a person would look in the U.K.

    Failing that, what about Ebay?

  2. To answer your trivia question: Life Love Paper. Yes? (I didn't click or hover over the link.) I love her photos.

  3. I'm with you on the Monday thing. I don't really mind them. I personally find Wednesdays to be the hardest day of the week, though Tuesdays aren't great either.

    What AM I a big fan of? Noah and the Whale. I heart them. A lot.

  4. I've always said Tuesday is the worst day of the week.

    Monday is like starting fresh (and you can also reminisce about the weekend).

    Wednesday, you can revel in the fact that the week's half over.

    On Thursday you can look forward to the next day being Friday.

    And then it's Friday, which always rocks (natch).

    But on Tuesday, there's nothing to look forward to. Maybe Wednesday, I guess.

  5. hooray for noah and the whale!!

    origami=poop soup

  6. i knew right away it was tina!!! when i saw the title i thought 'is she doing a guest post'?

    paperfolding is a right prick too

  7. I look forward to Tuesdays cus it's the day new dvds come out :)

    I've given you an award on my blog!

  8. Here is what you DO, PEONIES: You get ribbon. Ribbon with wire. THICK ribbon with wire. You make it be ringlety. You cut it into longish lengths. You arrange it upon Bertha so that it floats upon her in pretty bits rather than circumnavigating her. That is what you do. She will look like a FAIRY TREE. Paper snowflakes help, if you can be bothered. RIBBON.

  9. p.s. it's supposed to be *fun.*

  10. Celia, you said "poop soup." Iamsohappynow.

  11. um, origami=asshole pretty much made my whole life. i will be laughing about this truth for forever.

    and yes, ribbon. i will second ribbon. (brilliant!)

  12. the least amount of work you can do to decorate a christmas tree is to buy a bunch of those packages of tinsel they sell for a dollar and throw tinsel all over your tree. it is cheap, it takes about 4 minutes, and your tree will look incredibly tacky. but it fulfills your requirement!

  13. stringing popcorn w/ a thread & needle? much easier than origami. just throw ribbon round her or let it dangle.

    Tuesdays are useless days...agreed.

  14. Ebay is good for decorations. Although I would say they were still rather pricey.

    P.S. How else does one talk to a cow?

  15. do you have a sewing machine? take a ball of string, cut of tons (you can do this watching a film, seriously its amazing how many appear) of circles (i did mine an inch and a half in diameter) from random pices of paper, set your machine to a fairly narrow but long zig zag and stitch all the way down the string sliding the paper circles under the presser foot as you go. easy and beautiful!

  16. Wacky video - I bet they had fun making it. Are you tempted?

  17. A no effort suggestion . . .

    I bought three gold garlands that looks like gold leaves - almost like feathery wheat sheaves hanging from a central branch. You can find these in upscale Christmas shops and they aren't too expensive.

    I cut it up (every 3 sheaves) and draped the pieces among the branches. They just lie on the tree branches and sort of hang down.

    It's so bold and ornamental that I couldn't even use all my ornaments this year, or it would all be over-the-top.

    Easiest thing I ever did. Filled in with a few red/gold ornaments and snowflakes.


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