Monday, December 07, 2009

New York - art

I know a lot of you already suggested various galleries in my Tourist Stuff post (which leads me to believe that I'm not making my footnotes big enough, but whatever) but as darling P said

I don't count museums as tourist attractions because art is for everyone

(which is exactly why they get a separate post). So, tell me do. What are your favourite galleries/ art places in New York?

Big ones with Rembrandts and small ones with weird shit. Fancy ones with entrance fees and dingy ones down side streets. Traditional ones with paintings and and not so traditional ones with more weird shit. I will visit any of them. Alone it must be said. Boy does not like lingering and I do not like feeling rushed.

. richter / turner by Jen Bandini (aka escapetonewyork)

(Again. I tried looking for other New York pictures, honestly. But hers are the best.)


  1. that is a gorgeous shot - i want to know too, for when i visit

  2. Hi! Please try to visit the Frick Collection while you're there - it's "pay what you wish" on Sundays and overall a stunning collection with a great story. Hidden away too!

  3. These two are my favorites:

    New York Historical Society

    Brooklyn Museum of Art

    The are both a little smaller and the exhibits are typically wonderfully eclectic.

  4. thought you might like to know when museums have free admission.
    Thursday: New Museum (contemporary art, downtown) 7-9pm
    Friday: Guggenheim Museum 6-8pm, Museum of Modern Art 4-8pm, Whitney
    Museum of American Art 6-9pm
    First Sat of the month: Brooklyn Museum think it's 5:30-11pm

  5. you and boy are the opposite of us. joe might be the biggest lagger i've ever met. i can't possibly count the number of times he's been holding up the day and i've been waiting outside of wherever we are, trying to give him that "i'm over this, let's go" hint.

    anyway, i know it's so typical and i'm sure you went on your last trip, but i have a super special place in my heart for moma. the first time i went, i was 17 and waiting for my acceptance letter to art school. i was so nervous that whole week in ny because i had only applied to one school. moma is just one of those places that is so grand, like el prado or le louvre. i am not a painter, but to see (up close and personal) brush strokes that were painted years and years ago by an artist who in many cases is has since passed, sends the biggest chills down my spine. i love, love, love it.
    long story short, i came home, was accepted and dropped out a year later because i felt no one could "teach" me art. basically, i was a little too punk rock for my own good...


  6. I personally love wandering around the Met ( but the free times julia posted are key.
    if you like tim burton, he has a retrospective at the MOMA which is supposed to be really cool. it's going on now. have fun!

  7. I worked at MoMA for two years, just pay the entrance fee.. on a weekday around lunch. Free Fridays are an absolute mad house and not worth the aggravation of having to claw through 600 people to see Starry Night. Plus you need to start queuing up around 2:30ish to get in at a decent time. But I'm a bitter former employee so there. That being said I know my way around a museum or two here are some of my favorites (other then what people have already listed)

    Neue Galerie. Austrian art and even more wonderful Austrian pastry

    Museum of the City of New York

    Cooper Hewitt, museum of design

    Museum of Sex. For laughs

    Museum of the Moving Image. Really fantastic museum of Film that is continuously overlooked.

    PS 1 Contemporary Art Center. MoMA's sister museum

    The Jewish Museum
    I used to work here as well and the curators are such wonderful people and their exhibitions are just amazing. It's Jewish art and culture but they really find ways to make their exhibitions accessible and interesting to the general public. Case in point we had an amazing Abstract Expressionist show with fantastic pieces by Pollock, Rothko, de Kooning etc.. I would definitely check out what the special exhibition is.

    Second The Met, MoMA, The Frick, The Guggenheim* and the Brooklyn Museum

    *the Guggenheim ONLY if there is an exhibition on! between exhibitions the spiral is closed and their "permanent collection" is not worth the entrance fee.

  8. On Lexington between 29th and 30th there is a place called the Old Print Shop. Definitely worth going to I think.
    While you're there, there's a store called Paper and Cup off lexington on 30th (on the west side of lexington). I've never gone in but everything in the window looks like you might enjoy it.
    :) Enjoy.

  9. Definitely the Met if you haven't been there before (you'll need at least day to see it all so pick your period).

    Also, The Whitney is a great museum for American art.

    And the Frick is a small enough collection that you might even be able to convince your honey to go with you.

  10. I love photography, and I stopped in here, the International Center for Photography. If this is the place I'm thinking of, it was "pay as you wish" between 5 and 8 on Friday! Tiny, but a good stop over and I enjoyed it since I was in the area (or made it on my way anyway :) )

  11. Definitely, definitely, definitely the Frick. Absolutely fabulous.

  12. PS1 in Long Island City (I always check the exhibits though first). And of course the MOMA, but I also hate free fridays, too crowded. Also make a day of it - visit the Highline Park over on the west side and then go to the Chelsea gallery district 13th - 19th st (west of 10th ave) and pop in any place that looks interesting. This site lists what shows are going on, but sometimes I just go and wander around.

  13. I think the New Museum is amazing.. plus it's right around the corner from Freeman's, a fave bar/restaurant.

  14. if i were to recommend one museum in ny, it would be the MoMA.

    and don't forget to grab a bite at the MoMA cafe which is just about the best museum cafe ever... YUM. the admission fee is worth it if you are going to eat at the cafe, it is that good!!!

    btw, the natural history museum and the met's donations are "recommended" so you can get away with paying anything you like, even if its just $1.

  15. I wish I could live in a Museum.

  16. MoMA,

    I know they all already said it, but if there ever was a place to linger, it is there. And yeah, the cafe is worth it.

    (Now I must plan my next trip to NY so I can go to the the Frick everyone is freaking out about)

  17. wait-
    Paper and Cup is off lexington on 31st, not 30th.


  18. The Met, always always. and you can pay what you want. and then sneak into the cafe and sit for a long time. the greek wing makes me cry. there is a wooden eyeball there with bronze eyelashes that kills me. or go on a friday night when they play chamber music on the terrace above the giant lobby and across from the Asia collections (and the very very beautiful chinese alabster buddhas). sip champagne cocktails, very civilized.

    also love the little Rubin Museum of buddhist art on 17th and 7th ave. beautiful show there now about mandalas and also carl jung's paintings/mandals. weird shit.

    The New Museum. Love that place.

  19. I second what everyone else said (the Met is my temple). But I would also add the Morgan Library (manuscripts) and the Cloisters (Medieval collection of the Metropolitan Museum). Someone mentioned in a previous post the Tenement Museum, which is one of my faves.

  20. Hi,

    okay definitely go to (im combining food, shopping etc in this as well)
    -Cafe Gitane in soho for lunch. The smoked trout salad is my fave

    -crazy store called Olde Good Things(
    its totally worth the browse..

    -Go to the Metropolitan Opera... even if not to see an opera... just go check out the Aristide Maillol sculptures there... so beautiful and the art deco ambiance of the Met is gorgeous.

    -City bakery on 18th street btwn 5th and 6th... get the hot chocolate. its so amazing.

    okay more later:)


  21. I would add the Morgan Library to this list - original manuscripts, songsheets, etc - all beautiful to behold.

  22. really diggin the painting! yes, always best to go to museums alone! that way you can set your own pace and not feel guilty about it!


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