Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Rest time.

The presents are wrapped, the tree is sparkling, the snow has fallen and routes have been planned. It is time to go for the holidays. We leave tomorrow morning for family in the north. We're staying with my Mum and spending Christmas day at my Grandparents. I still can't call it my Gran's, even though.
Today, instead of packing we walked by a river. We leaned over stable walls as snow fluff fell around us and plumes of horse breath warmed our noses. For a moment I believed we were living in a Christmas card.
I made my first snow angel today. The Boy and I made our first snowman together. I think this means that we're married.
I'm going now, for a day, a few days, maybe more. Maybe a week.
May you have a week of love and family and friendship and snow that tickles your nose and lands on your eyelashes, obscuring your vision, just for a moment, as you gaze upwards at the heavens and dream your dreams.

. Ralph and Alice, by Violetcreme