Tuesday, January 19, 2010

a year in pictures, vii

g. july

Camping, cake, boats and noses. Water, wishes, summer. Summer in the city with coffee and cupcakes and lazy afternoons in cafes and parks. Summer in the country with trees and hammocks and squirrels red.

I'm sorry for my sudden absence, I have spent the last week bed resting due to physical badness. But now I am almost all better and almost all back. Almost. Things might be a little slow for a little while but one day soon we will be back to posts that are (shhhh sayitveryquietly) regular.


  1. I hope you start feeling better!!!

    Beautiful photos :)

  2. I'm sorry you've not been well! Take as much time off as you need so you can get well.

    I still love that shot of your shoes. And your braid!

  3. Thing get better. Hope you do too. Eat a lot of food.

  4. Oh my dear, gossip girl is better than codeine!

    July is my most favourite! Such prettiness!

  5. i am glad you are feeling better <3 your shoes are just so beautiful, as are all of your pictures!


  6. You're back :) (Even if almost...)

    That photo of the boy from the back? I had to do a double take... Looks scarily like mine.

  7. July is always a good month. Yours looked fantastic. And get better!

  8. beautiful shots - always

    feel better hon

  9. Oh, I liked July. Especially the nose!

  10. there are some blogs whose pictures don't show up when i view then at work.

    yours is one of them.

    my computer at home is sick, but when it gets better i can't wait to take these all in!!!


play nice.