Monday, February 08, 2010


February was supposed to be our month off. A month off work and stress and busyness and ohmygodtheressomuchtodo. February was supposed to be the kind of month that lends itself to lazy days, coffee with friends, large pots of soup, reading books, baking bread and writing blog posts with leisure and no panic. February is only 8 days old and so far it's not looking like it's going to be working out like that.

It doesn't really matter, busy is good. Busy means work and work means that that apartment we just booked for four weeks in NYC that is six times our monthly mortgage payments is not quite so terrifying.

Busy means no time to brood and worry and nibble my bottom lip as I wonder WILL EVERYTHING BE OK?

Today busy has meant putting together this wedding for L&L which has meant a whole day of indecision and dithering and swapping and deleting and rearranging and just driving myself mad. Some days just getting the photographs in the right order feels like the biggest challenge there could ever be. But it's a pretty wedding with stripes and tulle and ravens and twinkly skies and I think we did good, so maybe I should just stop tinkering with it and chillthefuckout?

Can anyone please tell me how to do that?

* picture by Lillian and Leonard. Aka me and my boy. Aka us.