Thursday, February 11, 2010

Meanwhile elsewhere

Things from Other Places that I have loved over the last week or two....

Isn't wedding dress shopping just the most funnest thing ever?

I need to buy some crayons. Or steal a kid

It's not fairies?

The sleepy one on the fence is killing me

This life which I hope will be ours (did you know that I want six seven kids? Just like the Weasleys. Seven, the Weasleys have seven children. Not six)

Oh dear god, the cheese

*photo by Maria of Vintage Simple
*one of Maria's treasures is a photo of mine and when she first framed it she put it in her bathroom. On second thoughts she decided that maybe it wasn't appropriate to rest your friend's artwork atop your crapper and moved it to her bedroom. Not before taking a picture of it though, just because she knew it would make me laugh. It did.