Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Notes on Napkins {reposted}

I like notes on napkins. It's something about the impermanence of them. No matter how much thought has gone into the note it's still a napkin and the chances of it being to hand when I knock something over (which I do regularly) and being picked up and used without a thought just because it's a napkin and that's what you do with napkins is very high. And then it will be gone, a soggy, ink strewn mess and I will swear and curse and call myself an idiot (which I do regularly) for grabbing a napkin that was more than a napkin to clean up a mess that was just a mess.

. image via 100 layer cake of an invitation by Bryn of Paperfinger


  1. i love this. it's so true...it's the impermanence of it that makes it special.

  2. i love to doodle on napkins or to make paper roses. something so simple can be very special

  3. Gorgeous picture, and so true - the casual unplanned nature of notes on napkins: scratchings through the fine paper weave from ball-point pens low on ink, creases and food crumbs from the table it was written on, fold lines from where it was hastily stuffed in to a pocket on leaving... *love*

  4. I always write a note on the napkins I pack in my husbands lunches and just recently he told me he saves everyone.


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