Sunday, February 14, 2010

Swaplets, received

I don't think I could possibly have been a luckier thing with my swaplet ever. I was sent the goodiest of goodies by Celia of Life According to Celia , only one of my favouritest blogs that there is.

Celia sent me a card with a gorgeous little doe eyed bunny farting glittery hearts...

a hot cocoa kit (YUM) comprising of the biggest and heaviest slab of gourmet chocolate ever...

and a very lady-like vintage teacup and saucer, homemade vanilla sugar and beautifully printed hot cocoa instructions. Instructions with a squirrel attached. There was also a candy heart bracelet (for wearing, not eating)

And and and! A new friend! A very special friend...

How'd she know I'm all about the bunnies?
And it was all so boofully wrapped in red tissue with little felt birdies and ladybugs (Celia calls me P. A little bit short for Peonies and a little bit short for Pixie. I like it)
I kind of spaced out on taking pictures of the candy bracelet and the cocoa instructions. I was going to go back and take some more today but I woke up with a sprained ankle (it was fine when I went to sleep, how does that happen?) and haven't been able to get off the sofa.
I love ">Amanda for organising this and I love Celia for being the biggest sweetheart that there is.