Tuesday, March 02, 2010

New York - shoes

Say a girl was in the market for new shoes, and say that girl happened to be spending some time in New York City, where would you suggest that girl go looking for a little something to brighten up the situation south of her ankles?

*anyone who suggests somewhere that sells something zappos doesn't (thus encouraging said girl to grow a pair and go into a real shop) gets a gold star.

* image courtesy of Toast


  1. 1. when are you coming to new york?
    2. can we get coffee together)or tea)?
    3. if you need cheapy shoes, i always go to the usuals, like forever forever 21, h&m, or zara... all places you have in the uk...
    4. there are a lot of random, cheapy stores on broadway(in soho) and in the garment district that have super inexpensive shoes.
    5. i don't really know any cute, charming boutiques with cheap shoes... maybe steven alan?


  2. A bit pricey, but I always find things I lust after at Shoe Market in Williamburg.

  3. J. Crew!

    There are a bunch of random shoe stores along Broadway between 8th Street and Houston.

    Also, Arche (http://www.arche-shoes.com/) is cool. maybe you have that in the UK, though?

  4. i second shoe market. i'd also say...
    the century 21 shoe annex (for heavily discounted designer stuff)
    beacon's closet (for vintage)
    INA (for designer consignment)
    what goes around comes around (for vintage)
    ...and barneys co-ops, if you can find a good sale.

  5. mkay I just went into my closet to jog my memory...

    Several of my old standbys are from Otto Tootsi Plohound, sadly now defunct. That's no help.

    Several more from Sacco, which sometimes has really terrific sales. (Do they still have $25/pr sales?? This I cannot tell you.) I do feel like they've gotten a little less edgy in recent years...but maybe I've just gotten more edgy. Anyhoo, the shoes are beautifully made. And *comfortable.*

    Tani, on the upper west, for sneakers. As in, super cool, imported from France, Bensimons you won't find at Madewell. Or whatever the next hot thing is, I'm sure.

    And I have to second Lauren on Barney's Coop.

    It's fun to browse 8th Street and lower Broadway for cheap shoes, but I really can't endorse the BUYING of cheap shoes.

  6. If you're over in Park Slope, Brooklyn, I'd recommend Girl on Seventh for some amazing buttery soft boots and shoes (I have a black pair from here and I've pretty much worn straight through for two NYC winters). I sent my friend here and she left with a great pair too.


    best, Jen

  7. I am not American, so DSW represents nirvana to me: we don't have it here north of the 49th parallel!

    Also, there is a chain whose name escapes me but their shoes are sublime. They sell, among other things, Chocolat Blu-- fantastic! There is a shop on Broadway at 77th, on the east side of the street. Worth a look!

    Have fun!

  8. Dolce Vita on the Lower East Side...brilliant!

  9. Hi dear peony flower power girl!!
    Pink Bicyclette here... hermmm... lets see. If you want to drool for a little while over pretty things, but not buy (since these things cost like a months rent..), definitely go to the shoe department at Barney's or Bergdorfs. The shoe price is ridiculous... but it is a true New York moment to go drool.... and then go get a coffee or pretzel:)

    okay, now for the practical. I recommend jcrew, if you need cute ballet flats with a little sparkle. and they are a reasonable price point. Michael Kors in Soho (Prince street btwn mercer and greene), has allot of sales around this time as they are trying to get rid of inventory. I saw a great pair of platforms there recently for around $100.

    Tani(http://tanishoes.com/ZContact/Page.html) shoes on the upper west side has a great selection... some shoes are pricier... but you can find really cute pairs not that much, and allot of sparkle.

    Topshop (also in soho... on broadway, right off Prince street), has realyl cute stuff... but try to go there early and on a weekday as it is like a zoo in there.

    okay! hope that helps! If you ever need anything, just email me when you are in NYC! have a blast!

  10. I bought two pairs of shoes in shoe market when we went in one rainy day last June, they have a great selection. You should definitely visit Steven Alan Annexe as well - lots of things to drool over in there.

  11. I also love Coclico. They're at:

    275 Mott Street
    New York, NY 10012

    They have a nice website if you care to check out the wares first.

  12. Madewell has a limited (they're most known for their jeans) selection, but they are usually pretty fabulous.

    or, there's always Anthropologie



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