Monday, March 01, 2010

This is ...brilliant.

French Connection's new advertising campaign is genius.

Effing genius. GENIUS.

(especially compared the their clothes at the moment, which are distinctly yawn/eww)

I love every single one of the videos, picking just one two was hard and I don't think that these little snippets do the genius justice.
You should really go and watch This is Man and This is Woman in their entirety. Now.


  1. you obviously don't know of my weakness for euro trash men in suits because now i have the MAJOR HOTS for THE MAN.

  2. I agree .....great ads! I just wish FC was a little cheaper *sigh*

  3. Gorgeous! Kinda funny how he says "he wears not slogans" though, when FCUK t-shirts were *everywhere* not so long ago!

  4. I know right, Cate! Even the Boy somehow had one. And He wears not slogans, usually...

    But lordy, I can't show him those ads. It's not going to take much for him to lose the plot and try to grow a beard like that.

    Those ads are winners.

  5. Wow! Love them. Totally agree about their clothes situ at the moment though, yawwwwwwwn-arama.


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