Saturday, April 10, 2010

And then...

So the girl did cry and she did stomp and she slammed doors and punched pillows. She shouted at her husband and at the world and she declared that it was all simply 'no use'. Her eyes itched from the tears and her head ached from the shouting. And so she did retire to bed, but not before everybody everywhere knew that it was all no use too.

And then.

Two hours later, when she crawled out of her bed a hundred million thousand friends had appeared in her little internet place and they wished her well and they wished her hugs and they told her it would get better. And so it did.

It was 6.30pm and good things started to happen. The good things were thus:

Her boy, who was terribly worried about seeing his football team play in the semi-finals of Some Football League Or Other while he was in New York discovered that by some magical twist of magic his girl had found them an apartment on the 'xact same street as the pub that is host to The Aforementioned Football Team Fanclub of New York. And so he was happy. In the face of such a happy boy the girl started to ease a little.

And then there was dinner. The boy and the girl had been quite convinced that there was 'no dinner'. There is usually 'no dinner' on days that are 'no use'. But low and behold, there was dinner. There was baby vegetables and there was pesto dressing and there was fancy smoked salmon with a cracked pepper and mustard crust hidden in the back of the fridge and so there was the first salad dinner of the summer. It was eaten in the sun.

And THEN. Well and then the sun didn't vanish. The sun had been vanishing a lot recently. And so the girl and the boy, instead of lying in a post-dinner stupor, waddled to the park. In the park they saw two Really good dogs. Really big, really fluffy, really toe-curling dogs. The kind that make the girl squeak. And then they helped a man in a bobble hat look for his dog, whom he had very carelessly lost in the bushes. I say 'helped' but mostly they sat on a bench giggling while Bobble Hat Man shouted "Steve! Steve you wee bastard, come here. STEVE!!!!" but at one crucial moment they did point and shout "there he is!" They also saw a bunny, which eased the pain of sending their very own bunny off off and away for a month. And they stood under the trees and listened to the birds as the sun set. And so the girl was happy again.

But then. Then it got even better. For the girl and the boy came home and when they came home they found ice cream in their freezer, strawberry and chocolate. And they found chocolate in their cupboard, Dominican, organic, yummy. And so they melted the chocolate and they poured it on the ice cream and then they went to bed where they ate ice cream (strawberry and chocolate) and they watch silly television for many hours while the girl had her post-ice cream belly rubbed. And it was bliss and she was happy.

And that is how a single day can turn from poop on a stick to blissful and fluffy and all ice creamy.